Hall of Heroes

"This is where we immortalize the greatest champions of the games. That's my statue over there, not that I care about such things. If you play your cards right, you could be the next one we enshrine here. Good luck to ya."

The Combat Trainers

These people helped us evolve Gladiators from an idea to the game it is now. Thanks so much!

  • John Corbett
  • Surjit Chatterjee
  • William Chang
  • Derek Kenny
  • Eric Cabreros
  • Sarah Loubiri
  • Michelle Franklin
  • Adam Blahuta
  • Benyamin Paris
  • Sundanse Oberman
  • Richard Donato
  • Kyle Gabhart
  • Daniel Tatone – Gamers’ Vault
  • Robert Kabwe – Poplogik
  • Foonzo – Legendary Geek Lounge


The Wealthy Sponsors

These people helped us pay all of the many expenses involved in making Gladiators. Thanks for everything!

  • Jill M Rollins
  • Donald Rollins
  • Hal Myers
  • Derek Kenny
  • William Chang
  • Surjit Chatterjee
  • Roger Richard
  • Peter Deslauriers
  • Didier Combatalade
  • Janet Ilavsky
  • Douglas Rollins
  • Tara J Ballance
  • John Corbett
  • Michelle Franklin
  • Chauncey McAskill
  • Andreas Kolyvas
  • Huu Nhut Anh Ngo


The Tournament Champions

These people of note have won glory for their deeds in the arena. Honor their names!

We’re still looking for a few good champions! Check the News for upcoming tournaments near you!

If you'd like to host your own official tournament, please contact us at info@gladiatorsgame.ca for extra info and help.



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