The Cards

"I’ll tell you one thing; you never know what to expect when you step into the arena. You’ll need training, and I can teach you for a price. You could always try out new moves on the fly, to surprise your opponents.

Death comes easy out there, what with beasts, traps and killers all out for your blood. There’s opportunity too: we hide weapon caches and other useful gear to make matches more exciting.

As long as you do what it takes to please the mob, you’ll win one way or another."

action deck

Action Deck

Through harsh training, gladiators learn a wide variety of moves. Action cards represent the fighting techniques that any gladiator might learn. You can unleash a flurry of Strikes, Tactics and Blocks to overwhelm your foes. Your action deck will be different in every game. You can also adjust it as the game progresses.

enemy deck

Enemy Deck

This field of combat has seen soaked in the blood of thousands of Beasts and Gladiators. You will face these same threats whenever you enter the arena. Matches begin with a selection of foes from the Enemy Deck already in the arena. New Enemies enter the arena as the game progresses.

crowd deck

Crowd Deck

Glory is measured by how loudly the Crowd chants your name. Crowd cards represent the shifting mood of the spectators, and tell you how best to please them. By performing a feat described by the card, you earn Crowd Favor. Ignoring your fans can make them turn against you. 

mystery deck

Mystery Deck

The arena masters are always trying to keep matches interesting. They’ll hide helpful Objects and harmful Traps throughout the arena; a gladiator can never tell the difference until it’s too late. Mystery cards represent surprises to entertain the crowd.

gladiator deck

Gladiator Deck

Each gladiator has a card that describes his or her skills and preferred fighting style. These skills are like Action cards that are always available to you. By adhering to your gladiator’s fighting style, you gain bonus dice rolls to increase your power.

tracking cards

Tracking Cards

As you fight, you will get hurt. Gladiators may sneer in the face of death, but they’re always aware of their fighting condition. Tracking cards let you keep track of Wounds and other penalties.

  • Falling is a short-term penalty: When you’re on the ground, you’re easier to hit.
  • Caught is a short-term penalty: If you’re tangled or trapped, you can’t move and it’s harder to attack.
  • Wounds are long-term penalties: There are five places where you can be wounded. Each wound imposes different penalties. In combat, you generally choose where to take a Wound.

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